Perky Turkey’s 4th of July Adventure

Written by Judy Goodspeed
Illustrated by Chet Taylor
Children’s Picture Book [©2008]
(Rated G) 24 pages color
Released by Kittycat Books

In order to outwit a hungry coyote, Perky Turkey and the rest of the turkeys on the farm create a bang up 4th of July surprise!

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“Author Judy Goodspeed and artist Chet Taylor team up for a third time to tell the adventures of Perky the Turkey. How can a hole in the fence lead to so much trouble? Read PERKY TURKEY’S 4TH OF JULY ADVENTURE to find out!” ~ Amber Sparks for Roserock Reviews [FIVE STARS]

JUDY GOODSPEED is a graduate of East Central State College in Oklahoma, and was a Junior High School teacher and coach for thirty years. She has been a contributing writer for local newspapers and rodeo-related magazines. Children’s picture books include: EMMITT MOUSE PLAYS SANTA, PERKY TURKEY FINDS A FRIEND, PERKY TURKEY’S 4TH OF JULY ADVENTURE, PERKY TURKEY’S PERFECT PLAN, and SADDLE UP. Non-fiction titles include: COWBOY SWEETHEARTS and PAPOOSE CITY. || Author Website | Author on Facebook |