Swamp Lullaby

Written by C. E. Walz
Illustrated by Pamela Wedel
Children’s Picture Book (G)
[©2010] 24 pages color
Released by Kittycat Books

Before the dark night fades into light,
And the moon bids farewell to the trees;
There’s a place I know where swamp critters go,
As they drift off to sleep on a breeze.

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“C. E. Walz’s SWAMP LULLABY elicits the reader’s senses in a rhythmic verse. When all the critters and bugs are awake in the swamp at night, and not a creature is asleep, the sounds come alive! The toe tapping language, along with the lovely illustrations, is sure to be a hit with kids and parents alike. ” ~ reviewed by Kimberly Campbell, author [FIVE STARS]

C. E. WALZ is a children’s book author, as well as an educator. She teaches English and chairs a middle school English department. In her spare time, she likes to bird watch, hike, play the saxophone, and write — but not all at the same time! A native Georgian, Carolyn lives in Georgia with her husband and son. Children’s Picture Book publications include ALLEY LOO and SWAMP LULLABY.